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mainnav gps watchIn Gadgetell’s continuing coverage of “all the wondrous things GPS can be jammed into” here is todays offering: the GPS watch. This 75g fatty, is a hefty, clunky watch. One has to ask, why?

According to MainNav, the manufacturer, the answer to that question is:

  • GPS aid for PDA or phone via Bluetooth.
  • reporting of data for performance athletes (altitude, speed, distance).
  • If the size is a big deal to you, there are mounts for a bike and lanyard. It is unclear if a broach is in the works.

It still looks a bit chunky, even with all it packs. The charge lasts 66 hours and the unit can be submerged for up to 30 minutes, though GPS performance will suffer under water. So forget the plans about swiping a runaway Soviet sub and navigating with your watch.

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