Google and Gmail being blocked in Iran

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google blocked in iran

Google and its other services had recently been blocked in Iran. The good news is that this blocking has since been reversed.   Reports state that it was not intentional and was caused “due to an error”.

Although the blocks have been reversed there is still a filter in place to prevent citizens from “accessing decadent material posted abroad.” Hopefully these filters will not block or restrict access to a lot of content.  We hope the people of Iran will not see any more “errors”.

China has been using filtered access to restrict what their citizens can see online and Google has been working with them on filtering content, I wonder if a similar situation will arise with Iran.

(Amazing what we in the Western world take for granted, huh?  -Ed.)

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  • Soheil Bashardoust

    Hello, and thank you for your news
    no, never this is a large lie
    i'm an Iranian and living in Tehran, we have not any problem for using Google or Gmail.
    i have a weblog in blogger and update it every day and using google and gmail…