Vista attacked by 13 year old “Stoned.Angelina” virus

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A batch of a possible 100,000 laptops pre-installed with both Windows Vista Home Premium and Bullguard’s anti-virus software have been found with the 13 year old “Stoned.Angelina” boot sector virus. This virus will affect the boot sector by moving the original master boot record. The infected Medion laptops have been sold in Danish and German branches of the retail store Aldi.

“Stoned.Angelina is a low-risk boot virus that infects the MBR (Master Boot Record) of hard disks. This is a very old virus. Apart from its ability to spread from computer to computer, it carries no payload (damage) to the systems it infects.”

While this “Stoned.Angelina” virus will not adversely affect Vista it will most certainly send some embarrassment to everyone involved and also serve as a nice reminder that a virus is truly never gone and can always make that come-back tour. Bullguard also noted that their team had quickly provided a fix as soon as it learned of the problem.

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  • Henrik

    It's not fair to say that Vista got hit by a boot sector virus. The boot sector got hit by the boot sector virus.

  • Luke