Samsung’s Sexy Printers to be Sold Exclusively at Sexy Apple Stores

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If you can’t wait to get your hands on the very sleek looking SCX-4500 above then you need to take your $299 down to a Apple Store, or on-line store, and pick one up. If the SCX doesn’t appeal then the $199 ML1630 is also available.

They will only be available from Apple until January 2008, after which your bragging rights as a Apple Fan Boy will be diminished.

The two new printers are perfect products for consumers who value both style and functionality. The devices – which are two-thirds the size of traditional laser printers – feature high-glossy and seamless exteriors that create a truly ultra-minimalist design.

The printer measures about (W x D x H) 332 X 393 X 164.5mm and weighs about 8.6Kg and gives an output of up to 16 pages per minute in A4. It certainly looks great, and the reports are that the quality is great, but for $299 wouldn’t you want a few other fetaures as well? Sorry forgot – slim, functional, easy to use, over priced! Of course – a perfect ‘fit’ with Apple!

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