DiscPainter: Paint your CDs and DVDs

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dymo discpainter for cds and dvds

If you are tired of decorating your CDs and DVDs with a Sharpie, then DiscPainter may be the perfect option for you. DYMO is making an effort to make make creating CDs and DVDs fun giving you the ability to “unleash your creativity and print your discs with full color”. In a test unit received by CrunchGear they are reporting that the DiscPainter was impressive with a good quality at 600 DPI that took just about 15 seconds to print. Another nice thing to note is that the ink was dry when the printing was completed, so no worrying about making a mess. Sounds like a nice improvement over markers and sticky labels, of course we have yet to see how much the printable discs will cost.

DiscPainter ships with the printer, USB 2.0 cable, AC power adapter, three printable discs and a full color ink cartridge that will print about 100 discs. DiscPainter will be available in October 2007 and retail for $279.

Product [Dymo] Via [CrunchGear]

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  • Ed Dupree

    Great review. I read this before I bought a DiscPainter and it delivers all that was promised. The DiscPainter is a small, dedicated disc label printer that quickly prints directly on a printable disc. It is very fast, clean, and produces great results. I like how easy it is to place text directly on the label image on the disc. There are no complicated instructions or software to deal with. All in all a very fun disc labeler to use and create with.