Downloads swimming in coffee? Hot Starbuck’s baristas to hand out music

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Hot as in hot from coffee.  Starbucks announced they will be forking over free music downloads in the form of a “song of the day” cards to patrons to the tune of 1.5 million songs a day.  Ideally, you’d be in one of the Starbucks that allows iPhone use of WiFi to immediately download the music to complete the happy Starbucks and music experience.  But let’s get real: only 1/4 of the stores will have that ability by years end.

The free music promotion starts Oct 2nd and runs through November 7.  As if we needed another reason to visit the venerable Starbucks for a caffeine hit.   Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking coffee.

Read: [Engadget ]

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  • Hot CofFee Lover

    To bad we dont have starbucks in Holland whenbi was in the states i was a starbuck addict in no time :)