Apollo iPhone IM app reaches 1.0

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Apollo IM

Many iPhone IM apps have been created, however, Apollo claims to be the better than the rest. It has now reached a respectable 1.0, and comes jam packed with new features based on feedback sent by you.

One of the new major additions to Apollo is that it now supports MSN and ICQ, and it allows simultaneous logins. Boy Genius Report claims that it might not be the hottest looking IM app, but it gets the job done. It combines solid functionality with ease of usability, making it one of the best apps available right now. The buddy list can now be viewed in different sections, and you are able to change the name of friends’ screen names with aliased buddy names.

Unfortunately, due to the upcoming 1.03 / 1.1.1 firmware update, it is not sure whether this or other iPhone apps will work. Until then, Apollo IM looks to be the IM app to beat.

Via [BoyGeniusReport]

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