Apple takes an official stance on iPhone unlocking

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Apple has released a statement warning that iPhone unlocking programs may “cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software” resulting in the iPhone “becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed”. Which means that you can now expect your unlocked iPhone to become a useless device when Apple releases a new update.

Apple is currently planning to release the next software update for the iPhone later this week with new features to include the addition of the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

Apple is clearly discouraging users from unlocking their iPhone and has gone as far as announcing that by unlocking your iPhone you are violating your license agreement and voiding your warranty, which we started to hear reports of late last week. While Apple seems to be making a stance against the iPhone unlocking it was also very convenient to make an announcement about an upcoming software update, almost as a warning to give unlockers time to re-lock the phone so they can update the software.

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  • Steve

    "almost as a warning to give unlockers time to re-lock the phone so they can update the software."

    Yes … I'm sure that was their intent because Apple is a wonderful company that only wants to provide great technology in beautiful packages while making the world a better place for their legions of cult members … I mean customers.

    Of course, if it were any other company it would merely be just one more strong-arm tactic meant to put fear into their users so they stay locked in a proprietary death-grip with a rotten cell provider because they gave them the most money.

  • Alberto Lopes

    Apple sucks