Rumor: Meet the Apple iNewt

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Call it a modern day PDA. Call it a UMPC. Call it a tablet or “thin slate”. No matter what you call it, it may be Apple’s “next big thing” according to AppleInsider.

“For the past 18 months, well-respected sources tell AppleInsider, a small team of Apple engineers have been at it again, this time tapping the company’s revolutionary multi-touch technology as a foundation.”

Described as 1.5 times the size of an iPhone, is suspected to have a high resolution edge to edge display and harnesses Apples multi touch technology. It will supposedly be running Mac OS X Leopard.

Whats more, AppleInsider sources says we’ll see this fun toy coming in the first half of 2008. Interesting. There could possibly be an announcement at Macworld in January. We know how Jobs likes to get word out before the FCC does, however I could be assuming (hoping) this thing will have a dial up broadband connection.

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  • Jack

    WHAT the hell is a "dial up broadband connection"?