iPhone Software Update 1.1.1 now available

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iPhone Software Update Wi-Fi Music Store

Apple has released a new update for the iPhone, now at version 1.1.1 it brings many of the features and fixes that had been spotted on the O2 UK iPhone. With the first major update for the iPhone, Apple has included a nice set of new features and bug fixes.

New features include:

  • iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
  • Louder Speakerphone and receiver volume
  • Home button double-click shortcut to favorites and music controls
  • Space bar double-tap shortcut to intelligently insert period and space
  • Mail attachments are now viewable in portrait and landscape modes
  • Stocks and Weather lists can be reordered
  • Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset battery status in the status bar
  • Support for TV out
  • EDGE/GPRS roaming preference
  • New passcode lock time intervals
  • Adjustable alert volume

Before you run off to update just remember that statement Apple had issued earlier this week, about your iPhone “becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed.” Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

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