Visa introduces payWave; makes it easier to spend money

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Visa payWave

Visa has just announced the payWave, a new key fob payment device. The Visa Micro Tag will easily attach to a key ring allowing customers to simply wave the Visa Micro Tag over the contactless payment terminal. The Visa Micro Tag could be offered by your bank as a “companion device” to your existing debit or credit card account. To mark the launch Visa passed out 1000 of the new Micro Tags each loaded with $15 to lucky San Fransisco Giants fans this past September 26th, each fan was encouraged to use and test the device at concession stands in the stadium.

While this sounds nice and convenient I am afraid it would make it almost to easy to spend money. You would also have to be extra careful and not lose your keys because payments under $25.00 will not require a signature.

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  • imajoebob

    I haven't heard of any MobilPass horror stories, so…

    I'd want it to require a PIN for my debit card, since that doesn't have the same protections as a credit card.

  • Carlos M. Ferrinho

    About "Visa Micro Tag", it seems interesting to me, but i don't know if anybody with a Visa card can get it, even here in Portugal, and how?
    Can you help?
    Regards, Carlos Ferrinho