Elecom solves all your card reader woes

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Elecom MR-C12 USB 2.0 card reader

Elecom has recently introduced a USB device that can read many of your numerous cards. When traveling or even at home, it is probably hard to keep track of all your cards and cables while keeping everything organized.

This new Elecom product, dubbed MR-C12 USB 2.0 card reader, can read all sorts of various cards that you have, all in one handy device. It looks like a small little box, and its cover flips open to reveal places in which you can insert your cards. It can support many card formats including SDHC, SD, MMC, xD, and Memory Stick MagicGate/Pro/Duo cards. If white, as pictured above, doesn’t suit you, then you can order the MR-C12 in black, red, or blue.

It is set to start shipping on October 20 and it will sell for $28.13.

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