Possible leak of iPhone Extreme? Update: No iPhone Extreme for now

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Possible Code Leak

According to the good guys at Appletell, there might be an iPhone Extreme coming soon. Based on a little piece of code found in the source code of the iPhone feedback page, which says iPhone Extreme, there is much speculation of a new iPhone. Appletell got this info from 9to5mac, who have been reliable about the new iPod nanos, shuffles, touches, and the iMacs.

All signs point to a new iPhone sometime in February featuring 16GB flash memory, 3G, and GPS. For more info on the iPhone Extreme, be sure to check out our sister site, Appletell.

Update: According to AppleInsider; “The “iPhone Extreme” reference was simply a sloppy copy-and-paste job on the part of an Apple webmaster who apparently used the company’s existing AirPort Extreme feedback form in creating one for the iPhone.”

Read [Appletell] Update Via [AppleInsider]

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