iPhone Video Out capable with Apple’s Component Cables

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iPhone Video Out

When the iPhone first released, one of the gripes was the lack of video output. With the firmware update 1.1.1, Apple seems to have included video output, albeit with their proprietary cables.

Above you can see an (unhacked, 1.1.1 firmware-d) iPhone asking if the video playback should display on a TV. This iPhone is hooked up, via component cables to a TV directly from the iPhone itself; connecting via the dock does not work. The dock mishap is being fixed by Apple and will eventually be functional.

Whilst the video is playing on your TV, you can see a preview of what you’re watching plus playback controls right on the iPhone; a handy feature. This feature is great for those who keep lots of their video library on their iPhone and don’t want to be semi-squinting at a 3.5 inch screen all day.

The Apple proprietary component cables will run you $50, so watch out.

Buy [Apple] Via [TUAW]

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  • Nate

    I got it to work just fine with the old school universal dock (still sold) that was designed for the first gen iPod video and a regular 1/8 jack to RCA style video cable (yellow, red and white) only the video has been switched to the red cable, very sneaky.

  • cellrbr8

    I just bought the $50 video out cable for $9 at

  • mark

    i put the cable on and followed each step and it still tells me to connect the video plug write back please i just got an 80 gb for christmas and im trying to use it as much as possible thanks

  • Wayne

    I tried it with no luck but I was using the new dock. I suppose it does not output video through the line out jack. Where can you get the old school dock?

  • yongke

    yea, same with me, can someone please let us know how to get the old school dock?

  • jose

    hey Nate: you deserve an award, a juice money award for anmasking the dishonest bastards from Aple. My many thanks to you. I am able to watch ipod for $4.65 Thanks, man, thanks a lot.

  • howard white 123

    Even if now Apple has the capability of video output but the specially chipped cables which connects iPods and iPhones to TV is very expensive with the amount of $50. Customer can not buy that much expensive <a href="iphone" rel="nofollow">">iphone accessories that is why the response for this cable from the customer is very low.

  • Doug Berger

    Hey Nate -

    Glad to hear the good 'ole trick we published back in December 2005 is still working =)

    <a href="HOW-TO" rel="nofollow">">HOW-TO: Cheaply watch iPod videos on your TV

    Apple's just so sneaky, aren't they?