Woman faces HUGE fine for downloading music

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Sometimes it really doesn’t pay to be first! Ms Thomas from Minnesota is the first woman to go to court to defend themselves over charges of illegally downloading and sharing music, and she has lost. In fact she has lost big time, to the tune of $222,000 in damages!

She reportedly shared a total of 1,702 songs, but was convicted of offering to share 24 specific songs. That works out at $9,250 per song – CD’s don’t seem that expensive right now do they?

Understandably she is somewhat distressed by this:

“This is a girl that lives from paycheck to paycheck, and now all of a sudden she could get a quarter of her paycheck garnished for the rest of her life,” he said.

The record industry on the other hand are pretty happy about it, and it may well be that the message is all they really wanted to hammer home as they have made no indication yet of how they will collect the money.

Via [BBC]

Woman faces HUGE fine for downloading music

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