Apple Keyboard: A useful feature for the useless cAPS lOCK key

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Apple Keyboard cAPS lOCK key

Apple has a nice little hidden feature with the newly designed Apple Keyboards. John, from recently discovered that the caps lock key on the Apple Keyboard has become a little more user friendly. The caps lock key seems to require a little more of a firm touch to activate, meaning a quick accidental touch will not have you YELLING.

Unique among the rest of the keys, Caps Lock doesn’t activate immediately upon strike. There’s a very small time window — perhaps a quarter of a second — where if you release the key inside the window, the keystroke is ignored.

But that’s only part of the conspiracy. The Caps Lock key isn’t just universally slow to react. If Caps Lock was already engaged, the keystroke is registered immediately, even before the upstroke.

Since I read this article I have been “testing” this myself; the caps lock key does seem to have a different sensitivity then the rest of the keys. So until I can disable (or remove) the caps lock key this will have to work. Now that I think back, I cannot remember accidentally hitting the caps lock key in the past few weeks, something I used to do from time to time.

Read [Wired Gadget Lab]

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