Golden MacBook joins your golden iPhone

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Gold MacBook Pro

Computer Choppers recently finished creating their golden version of the MacBook. The MacBook is fully encrusted in 24kt. gold, much like the golden iPhone.

Along with the 24kt. gold, comes a fully diamond encrusted Apple logo. Also, Gizmodo decided to call the man behind the plan, Alex Wiley. The fully gold-loaded MacBook would cost you 7,000 to 8,000 big ones. Still interested? The 7-8k model will get you everything you see in the picture, fully gold encrusted as well as the diamond encrusted Apple logo. Just in case you were looking for a cheaper option, you could opt in getting plating only for $1500. If you wanted everything, you could get it for 5,500 dollars but it would be made of cheaper diamonds.

Another interesting piece of information is that all this extra gold and diamonds doesn’t really add onto the weight, only a few ounces from the gold and diamonds. So for all you Apple Fanboys out there, start saving your pennies.

Read [Computer Choppers] Via [Gizmodo]

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