Free Wi-Fi for UK McDonalds

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London McDonalds

It looks like the UK is going Wi-Fi crazy these days. Hot on the heels of the worlds largest network, McDonalds customers can now have the pleasure of free Wi-Fi as they munch on a Big Mac. With 1,200 locations in the UK this will make McDonalds the largest “provider of free wireless broadband access” overnight.

As a quick side note McDonalds was in the news in the UK this week defending the fact that only 20% of their sales come from ‘healthy’ salads. They are taking the view that they make burgers and that is what they are going to continue focusing on. So good for them! Now you can get fat eating in their restaurants and even fatter not having to walk down the street to find a free Wi-Fi spot!

Via [Engadget]

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  • Martin Sanders

    I don't care about the food, it's free WiFi… mind you, for some reason i'm in the mood for a Big Mac now!!!