Early termination fees driving customers to sue T-Mobile

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A class action lawsuit has been brought against T-Mobile that is trying to prevent them from collecting those dreaded early-termination fees. T-Mobile filed to have the lawsuit thrown out but that request was denied. T-Mobile had good reason for asking it to be thrown out, stating very simply that customers originally agreed to these terms so why should they let them off the hook now.

As much as I hate to side the with “big” guy here, I kind of feel like they are right. After all the customer did sign on and agree to pay the termination fee should they decide to cancel early. On the other hand I do think there is some room for improvement with how they work. A situation where the termination fees were pro-rated would be ideal, this would take care of the wireless companies and also be a much nicer situation for customers that decide to leave early.

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  • Doecon

    The problem is not in the ETF at the begging of a new account..the problem with the ETF is that it is renewed every time you make changes to your account or everytime you purchase another phone through T-Moblie upgrades. So, if you want a number removed from your account 3 months before the ETF has expired it renews it to the 2 year ETF from that's endless and it is underhanded. I was an employee for T-Mobile..A customer can be locked into that 2 year ETF unknowingly for years.