Sharp announces scanning LCD screen

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Sharp’s LCD Screen

Sharp has recently introduced a new type of LCD screen that is sure to be a hit for people who work for businesses and other major jobs.

One of the main features of this innovative LCD screen is an integrated scanner. Basically, this scanner can be used to scan business cards and other 3.5 inch items, or parts of larger items. This new LCD screen was first on display as a prototype at CEATEC exhibition. Since it has an optical scanner, there are many other possible uses for this technology. Most notably, acting like a biometric security feature by recognizing a fingerprint to access your phone. Additionally, since each part of the screen or each pixel has the ability to scan, it could very well be used as a multi-touch screen.

No word on pricing of this LCD screen, however, Sharp is optimistic that it will be available sometime in ’08.

Via [NewLaunches]

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