Google updates Gmail Mobile and Maps

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Gmail Mobile 1.5 update

Google has been busy making some improvements lately, we recently saw Gmail update to add more storage, Goog-411 coming out of the Lab and now they have also updated both Gmail Mobile and Google Maps.

The update for Google Maps, although welcome is not as exciting as the Gmail mobile update, for Maps the update is that they now support phones that are running Symbian. Nokia N95 and other Symbian users can download Maps at

Gmail Mobile is now at version 1.5 has added some key features to include:

  • When you click on a contact, you will have the same information from the Gmail desktop interface: a photo, email addresses and phone numbers. If you have the phone number in your contact details, you will be able to dial them directly from Gmail.
  • You can now save a draft.
  • Gmail now shows the bandwidth usage every time it loads data.
  • An option for encrypting your traffic.
  • Gmail Mobile 1.5 appends by default to your message: “Sent from Gmail for mobile |

Fortunately you can remove the default message, because most people would prefer to not advertise Gmail Mobile on every sent message. You can download the updated version of Gmail Mobile at

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