French iPhone to sell on Orange AND Unlocked!

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So it has been the general consensus that the iPhone would launch on Orange in France. But remember that picture denoting a T-Mobile-running French iPhone?

Well, according to the International Herald Tribune, Apple’s iPhone will sell in France both on the Orange network and also as an unlocked device. You see, French legislature outlaws the sale of a phone locked to an exclusive carrier. Bravo, our fellow Frenchmen, bravo. Cellphones should be freely unlockable; not a loophole in the 9th bylaw of the DMCA (Note: that’s not the actual law).

Though this is awesome for Frenchmen/women, it’s the cold shoulder to the rest of the world; given the recent cat and mouse game of iPhone unlocking and bricking.

The Orange “locked” iPhone is expected to be released on November 29th for €399. No word yet on just how much the unlocked version will cost.

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  • idannyb

    Rumor Smashed: French iPhone's Unlock Status Still Unknown

  • James Katt

    The Unlocked phone will cost 3 times more than the locked phone. This is to allow Apple to recoup the lost revenue from an unlocked phone and to discourage purchase of the unlocked phone.

    Consider the unlocked phone the unsubsidized version.