Team of 16 emerge with clips of Daily Show: tagged and ready for you

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What happens when you pull a funny show off the web, sue a site everyone loves and realize you better offer the hungry public something you hope to make money on?  Well, Viacom answered this question by making 16 writers work 2 shifts since June tagging clips from the show in an effort to meet todays  deadline.

You’ll remember when Viacom, owners of many things, Comedy Central included, decided to sue YouTube for copyright issues over videos of the Daily Show, The Colbert Report and South Park, we all boo’d.  After all, viral advertising effects, I would argue, beat what Viacom is going to make on online ads.  But they don’t listen to me and maybe I am wrong.

But Viacom did learn from YouTube.   They have tagged the clips for date and topics and will show the clips with advertising, for another revenue source.  They have tagged every minute of the show since 1999 (into 13,000 clips) for our enjoyment.

So get your political satire groove on and head over to the site,

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