Sony VAIO Type G: A rugged, water resistant notebook

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Sony VAIO Type G Notebook

Sony has announced a new rugged laptop, the VAIO Type G will offer protection against spills, scratching and being dropped. The VAIO Type G includes a drainage system under the palm rest with drainage holes on the bottom of the notebook. If something is spilled the notebook will automatically shut itself down and drain the liquid, it is also recommended to have the notebook professionally checked just to be sure no further damage was done.

Along with the drainage system Sony has added a special coating to the LCD that will help prevent scratching, the notebook can also withstand a fall from 35.5-inches when turned off or 28-inches when running. The VAIO Type G will start at $1500 and be launched in Japan, no word on a US release date. With as much damage caused by spilled liquids I am surprised to see this as the first model, sounds like something that we needed a long time ago.

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  • Rugged laptops

    Well, this is a good news about a good laptop and the price is ok for a rugged laptop.

  • Eva

    Yeah that's a great idea. The notebook looks cool and it's liquid-resistand. Just what I need! I'm now saving money to buy a new notebook because I spilled wine on my previous one and to repair it would be too expensive … The price is a bit shocking but I think it'll change with time, yes? xD Anyways, this is a notebook made for clumsy people like me and it's supercool.

  • Sheikh Ahsan Zaheer

    Finally An Affordable Laptop with a unique feature

  • david

    your are a liar!! nonscence!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    I bought a new dell and got insurance for all of those problems. full coverage for 3 years. if i do anything to it i just bring it to any best buy in the united states and get a new one off the shelf. this insurance comes with other cool perks too.

  • pisha

    Only a fall of 28-35.5 inches!!! My brand new $50 laptop can withstand being dropped from an 8 storey building.

  • Cathren Bin

    Its a great <a href="Laptop">Laptop</a&#62; with unique features. Excellent work!!