Comcast blocking BitTorrent traffic

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Comcast has been under fire over the past few months, where customers have been accusing them of interfering with BitTorrent traffic. Comcast has replied by flat-out denying the accusation.

The Associated Press did some tests and have stated that they believe Comcast is actively interfering with peer-to-peer networks. The tests used a copy of the King James Bible, which was used because it’s not protected by copyright and the file is a convenient size at 4.24MB. The file transfer was tested using a Time Warner Cable, Cablevison, AT&T and Comcast connection. Their testing showed that Comcast was the only network that had trouble.

Sadly, although it will not make many users happy, Comcast may be within their rights to restrict BitTorrent traffic. As past of their Terms of Service:

“You further agree to comply with all Comcast network, bandwidth, and data storage and usage limitations. You shall ensure that your bandwidth consumption using the Service does not exceed the limitations that are now in effect or may be established in the future. If your use of the Service results in the consumption of bandwidth in excess of the applicable limitations, that is a violation of this Policy…if the Service is used in a way that Comcast or its suppliers, in their sole discretion, believe violate this AUP, Comcast or its suppliers may take any responsive actions they deem appropriate.”

It would be nice if affected Comcast users could just cancel their service and use another provider, but in some areas that is just not an option.

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