Matchbox Twenty release new album on a USB bracelet

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Matchbox 20 USB drive bracelet single

Matchbox Twenty is following the lead of several other artists such as Bob Marley, Willie Nelson and The White Stripes and have released their latest album on a USB drive. Exile on Mainstream has been released on a USB bracelet and is being sold exclusively at Best Buy. The album bracelet will contain all 17 songs, the music video for How Far We’ve Come, a video with band interviews, a digital booklet, album art and other items for your computer.

“I just think it’s neat,” says lead singer Rob Thomas. “It’s really fun knowing how much is inside that wristband.”

In addition to the current album, Matchbox Twenty also have plans to sell a bracelet with live recordings during their 2008 tour.

The idea of purchasing your music on a USB drive seems like a fad that will soon be gone, its a neat idea but not very practical. I would imagine that most customers would purchase the USB drive to load the music onto their computer leaving the USB drive to sit around getting very little if any use. Matchbox Twenty did at least have a creative idea by making the drive into a bracelet, its just a shame that it will cost $35.

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