Newly designed PMP boasts solar powered battery

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Solar Powered PMP

Most PMP’s don’t yet feature solar power, so it comes as a shock to see this PMP actually featuring a solar powered battery. The solar panel is on the back of this device and charges its 650mAh Li-ion battery, however, no word on how long it can play for on a single charge if you’re not near a light source. Other than this somewhat unique feature, it basically sports a similar design to many other PMPs. It plays MP4s and JPEG images, but no word on what audio formats it supports. Additionally, it features a 2-inch TFT screen, FM radio, gaming capabilities, eBook reader, speaker and memory can be expanded up to 2GB via miniSD expansion.

No word on pricing or availability at this time, but expect this PMP to be sold only in China for now.

Via [PMP Today]

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