Comcast employees face termination for discussing P2P

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Comcast has followed up to the recent BitTorrent traffic blocking claim with a new policy for employees. While Comcast has already stated they are not blocking traffic but simply delaying it they have come up with some “talking points” for their call center employees.

“If a customer contacts us to inquire about this, please use the following talking points,” reads the e-mail.

“Comcast does not block access to any applications, including BitTorrent,” the e-mail continues. “We respect our customers’ privacy and we don’t monitor specific customer activities on the Internet or track individual online behavior, such as which web sites they visit. Therefore, we do not know whether any individual user is visiting BitTorrent or any other site.”

Failure to follow the suggested script could lead to a possible termination. ARS Technica has received information from several Comcast employees about the use of Sandvine to shape traffic in order to help conserve bandwidth. While Comcast has already admitted to delaying traffic it seems they are making an attempt to hide something further with these “talking points”.

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