World’s first WiFi SD memory card -available now

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Eye Fi CardEye-Fi, the world’s first WiFi memory card, designed to wirelessly and effortlessly transfer images is finally available. We reported on this back in June.

The deal works like this: take their $100 2GB SD card and put it in your camera, when the camera enters your home network, it’ll start transferring recent images to your machine or photo-sharing web site of choice. There does not seem to be a limiter on camera manufacturers as long as yours has a SD slot. Sweet.

The process does require a one-time set up where you connect the card to your PC, picking and choosing where you want the images to flow. The Eye-Fi tranfers the files in their native size and format and does allow of resizing in route to your web site of choice or folder.

No question, this product is genius. Is the $100 too big a hurdle? I say no, as my camera sits in the next room with images yet to be uploaded. My time and effort are worth more than $100.

Also, I’ve got to wonder what is next, a WiFi microSD card? Bring WiFi to my crippled phone? Mp3 players?

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