New water bottle holds liquid and your gadgets

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Gadget Bottle

I’m not sure why you want to strap your cell phone, iPod, etc. to a water bottle, but just in case, BevyTech’s got you covered. I must admit, the idea seems cool, but I usually throw my water bottles on the ground and there’s always that chance I might misplace it, so this is not for me.

In any case, this unique water bottle features a type of strap in the middle of the water bottle to strap in your item. In the picture, it shows a BlackBerry SmartPhone, a normal cell phone, and an iPod. The “pocket” in which the object is held, measures out to be 4.625- x 2.125- x 1 inches. Additionally, the water bottle itself can hold 22 fluid ounces. Another piece of important information is that the strap will not press any random buttons, which was included in the FAQ’s.

If you want to purchase this water bottle, then head over to their website and you can order 1 for $8.25 and should be shipped to you within a week or so.

Buy [GadgetBottle] Via [Engadget]

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  • Steve

    Shipping has begun :)

  • Electra

    Too funny! All that is missing is the very chic Blackberry Monogrammed Sticker for the face, and the look will be complete. I kid you not. Check out photos at: Thanks for looking!

  • Claudia

    This is a great idea. My problem is I keep forgetting my water bottle in my car and my Ipod would feel bad if I forgot it.