Samsung intros M4650; a touchscreen Windows Mobile smartphone

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Samsung M4650 Windows Mobile Touchscreen

In keeping with the recent touchscreen phone announcements; Samsung has just introduced the M4650 Multi-Touch. A Windows Mobile 6 based smartphone that will feature a 2.8-inch LCD screen and is used with a stylus, the display has “a hidden screen vibrator that gives a gentle shake whenever the screen is touched for certain key input”. The M4650 will offer Internet and can also play terrestrial DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting) TV broadcasting.

“The smartphone market is getting bigger in other countries thanks to the development of the wireless Internet infrastructure,” Samsung company said in a release. “We hope that the Multi-Touch phone will stimulate the smartphone market in Korea as well.”

The M4650 will be offered through LG Telecom and is expected to retail for 500,000 won or $550 before rebates. No word on when the M4650 will be released. Sounds like a nice phone, sadly the “Multi-Touch” name is more a name than a feature, according to Samsung “the screen isn’t capable of recognizing multiple touches.”

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