H2O Audio delivers the H3; new waterproof earbuds

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H2O Audio H3 Earbuds

H2O Audio is well known for their electronics and such in the sporting department and now they’ve added new waterproof earbuds. You may remember a similar pair of earbuds which were also made by H2O Audio, but the H3 are the newer and better earbuds.

For some unknown reason, H2O Audio does not specify how deep in water the H3 can go, but probably pretty deep. The feature that allows the earbuds to go underwater is called “aquatic silencer” which basically forms a watertight seal, still providing for good listening quality, comfortability, and reducing outside noise. Additionally, it comes with a detachable sport band, and a cable that will hold the wire in place as to not pull or tangle while using these earbuds.

Now, compared to their older version, the H3 produce 10dB more output, better bass, and clearer sounds and better listening quality when used outside of water.

These earbuds have already begun shipping for $50 and they are also available in many retail stores including Apple stores.

Via [Electronista]

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