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Google Map at a Gas Station

I bet all of you, at some time or another, have been lost and had to seek directions from random people, or people at gas stations. Well, Google hears you, and has decided to do something about that. You probably know of Google Maps and how that works. Using that technology, Google plans to incorporate their maps at gas stations across the country.

They had announced a partnership with a company called Gilbarco Veeder-Root. This partnership allows Google to provide their mapping service on 3,500 internet enabled gasoline stations around the country. These maps will allow you to search through local landmarks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and wherever else you may need to go.

They also said that you can print out these maps and they will not come with ads, but beware, they will offer oddly enough, coupons. Hey, Google had to make money off this somehow. Anyway, take a look at the picture above, and that’s probably how the pumps will look when all said and done.

Via [Engadget]

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