Skype Releases 2.0 for Linux, adds Video Chat Support

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Ever since I purchased my MacBook, I’ve been video chatting with friends on both the Mac or the PC, through Skype. While I don’t actually have any friends that use Linux as their primary (or even secondary, for that matter) OS, it has always seemed unfair that our open-source brethren didn’t have this luxury.

Well, Linux users, rejoice! The Skype team has today launched the 2.0 Beta of their product, for the Linux platform.

So if you’re reading this on your Ubuntu box, hit the link below and install the number one internet audio/video client (in my eyes). Or, you’ll probably hit up your Terminal and “sudo” your way to Video conferencing galore.

Download [Skype]

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    It's great for linux users. I think skype knows what to do. I like their strategies.