AT&T now offering Pandora internet radio

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AT&T has announced they will begin offering Pandora internet radio on select phones. Pandora offers personalized internet radio and has recently launched a mobile version in addition to their desktop version. AT&T users will get seamless integration with the desktop version and be able to listen on the phone or the Pandora website with a universal account.

Pandora users will be able to enter a song or artist and in return get a personalized radio station that matches the same sound and style. Song information including title, artist and album will be displayed on the users phone with the option to scroll back and view recently played song information. You can also rate the song with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” to help in personalizing your station. Additionally you can pause, skip and bookmarks songs.

The mobile version for AT&T customers will work on the Samsung SYNC, a717 and a737, the Motorola V3xx and RAZR 2, the LG trax and LG CU400 and CU405 models. It will offer a 5-day free trial and then cost $8.99 a month.

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