WooMe : Speed dating for the online generation

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WooMe In Action

In this hungry web world, dating sites are nothing new, but for WooMe, which strutted its stuff at the TechCrunch 40 conference back in October, their change in focus has transformed them into something new and refreshing. A brilliant marketing strategy has set them apart; find people to interact with instead of people to date!

WooMe provides a unique communication service in other ways as well. Instead of sorting through a massive pool of users, themed sessions are controlled by management, but created by the users who sign up for them. Each session has a designated number of spots, which allot one minute per person. After that, you move on. If you connect and want to talk more, a private message will facilitate further communication.

Session topics run the gamut, and can concern anything from single mingling to finding car-pool partners to anything in between and over or under covers (and other places). To schedule, users set up the time they would like to start. In addition to video, users can also choose voice chat, which is included with whatever picture is associated with their account. In an odd and different twist, specific users do not fill in most profiles, but rather others who can put in tags to describe him or her!

Advertising is the key to WooMe’s success, as the service keeps track of users’ interests, which in turn will promote relevant video ads, which will just happen to appear while users are waiting to connect with someone.

Will similar hearts find each other and discover with WooMe if not lasting at least temporary happiness? Only time will tell, but hopefully, not kiss and tell.

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  • Paul Redding

    This sounds like a big hit playing on the evolution of user behaviors online. As online usage continues to evolve and real time communication proliferates, i'd expect a site like WooMe to take off.

  • bob haris

    Ive always been interested on speed dating. Maybe i should give it a shot.

  • Stephanie Daniels

    Interesting article. Thanks.

  • Marjorie Dorfman

    Thank you for reading it. I thought so too. What won't they think of next?

  • spmrosepi

    WooMe has a very impressive presentation. I found WooMee to be different from others I have tried. I like it’s design and features. No doubt this site will be one of the major players in online dating. Wish I thought of it! LOL Also saw the WooMe presentation – very cool, espacially like the fact that people are using the speed platform. Thats nice to see.

  • Marjorie Dorfman

    Thanks for the info. Good to know

  • Tammy Collins

    Interesting article. I think services like this will become increasingly popular as online dating continues to be integrated into mainstream culture. Thanks for the read.

  • how to attract women

    Yeah these types of services are a benefit to the singles with no time to put in for building relationships. Great piece.

    Stay frosty

  • guy gets girl

    I have been reading about speed dating from long time , i think i jsut give it a try

  • Dulce

    This sounds like a good idea acutally.

  • gerald

    no i dont believe that i can found soulmate from the internet. get real everyone. even a grandma can using avril's avatar. lol

  • Wink2Date

    Come and visit our site :) definitely great article though.