Getting Shot: A new gaming experience from TN Games

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TN Games FPS Vest

Be the first on your block to appreciate the sensations of being assassinated and live to tell about it! The 3rd Space FPS (First Person Shooter) Vest created by TN Games, a small gaming hardware company, transports gaming to a new realm; one of feeling and sensation, as the vest distributes ten pounds of force on each of eight contact points, duplicating without need for an intensive care trauma unit or ambulance the feeling of having your body riddled with bullets!

TN Games is currently demonstrating the unit at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The 3rd Space FPS Vest carries the motto: “Get Pounded On Your Own Terms.” Although there may be many words that one could apply to this gaming innovation, certainly versatile comes to mind, as one can opt for any number of self-annihilating options; including: single or multiple bullet wounds and “through and through missile injuries.” Kicks, punches, stabs and body slams have been thrown in at no extra charge. TN Games is working on a sequel, which will be aimed at flight and driving simulations. (If you prefer a death via collision rather than bullets, you may want to hold off because this could be for you. Then again, you may want both units for your gaming ensemble.)

The 3rd Space FPS Vest will be available later this month at a cost of $189.00. It comes in black, camouflage and a special “racing vest” pattern designed to resemble the flame suits worn by pilots and racing drivers. The company is currently taking pre-orders and offering a discounted price of $169.00. Included with shipment will be an air compressor, USB cable, power supply and 3rd Space Incursion PC game.

Don’t just stand there! Go and get shot or stabbed today while the price is better!

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  • GearCrave

    *drools* SWEET. I might just have to pick this baby up to be a part of my Crysis environment. If only there was a way to make the competition feel like I was shooting them… 😉

  • taufik

    What make's this different with conventional paint ball games ?