The Power Downloader: Comics For Little Orphan Kitty Kilobyte

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Comic Life

Does art imitate life, and if so, does that also go for comic books and Comic Life? This new program from Power Downloader, which offers versions for both PC and Mac, can make an actual comic strip or even a comic book out of separate digital images. Who would want this, you might ask. Well, read on.

Almost everyone has loose photos and albums of different sorts, or posts pictures online. But how humdrum and ordinary is that? For the likes of our prototype heroine, Kitty Kilobyte, and others of her ilk, something new and exciting has come along.

Using a drag-and-drop interface, Power Downloader’s unique program, Comic Life, comes complete with everything Kitty Kilobyte might need to create a personalized comic strip, namely, layout templates, panel color styles, talking and thought balloons and stylized text. This program is so much fun because it even provides creative and comical sound effects for different available features.

Comic Life can make a difference for the Kitty or Ken Kilobyte in your family or in your own expressive nature. It is a very versatile program and will work with so much more than just photos. Consider converting into comic strip form anything made of paper with an image, including greeting cards, fliers, brochures, etc.

So whether you would categorize your life as a soap opera in progress, an Italian movie or a suspense thriller, consider a change. Transform it into something more fun, namely a comic strip!

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