Matias Folding Keyboard makes for easy packing

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Matias Folding Keyboard

The full sized Matias Folding Keyboard is a USB based product that folds in half making for easy packing and traveling with your laptop this holiday season. For those that love the convenience and portability of a laptop but hate the hassle of the small keyboard, this is the answer. Number crunchers will appreciate the calculator layout of the traditional keyboard, which is infinitely faster than hunting and pecking along the laptop lineup.

In its folded mode – it is small enough to fit in most laptop bags and comes complete with a carrying sleeve – to keep all those muffin crumbs in your bag from sneaking in between the keys.

Other only mildly exciting features include an enhanced number pad (meaning: they added a tab key), and advanced Fn keys (putting frequently used keys in easier reach like the arrow keys page up/down, delete, etc.) and volume controls.

Retailing for $59.95, the product is expected to begin shipping by mid-December with free shipping available on pre-orders placed now. No promises are made for delivery in time for holiday gift giving though they are expected to reach store shelves just in time.

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