Vestalife announces two stylish iPod speaker systems

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Vestalife iPod Speaker Dock

There are enough iPod speaker systems in the market right now to certainly make it hard to decide which is the best for you. Now, two new docks by Vestalife are trying to break the mold and separate themselves from the herd, focusing on overall style.

Abandoning the standard white plastic box style found in majority of the iPod speaker docks for a rounded hamster-ball sized design and a nice picture frame style. The Ladybug (pictured above) has some interesting curves and the stereo speakers fold out revealing the dock and volume controls. When you’re finished remove your iPod and fold the speakers back to return the Ladybug to it’s rounded state. The Butterfly dock has a static design that looks more like a picture frame for your iPod than a dock. It also allows you to change the color using four colored panel attachments.

Both docks can be battery powered for music on-the-go, connect to your television via an AV-output, are compatible with any iPod with dock connector and include a dock connector for the 5th generation iPod, iPod nano and iPod mini. Both speaker systems are expected to be launched this January at CES and Macworld.

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