Amazon to announce the Kindle e-book reader on Monday?

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Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

It is rumored that Amazon will be launching their Kindle e-book reader this Monday. The Kindle is expected to retail for $399, which is a bit higher than the current e-book competition with the Cybook Gen3 retailing for $350 and the Sony PRS-505 that retails for just $299. Price aside, Amazon is expected to have the largest selection of available content, but will that alone make the price premium worth it? Amazon has also been looking to include a book that will be bundled with the reader, no word on what title or if customers will be given a choice.

In addition to the content selection the Kindle is also Wi-Fi capable and Amazon is rumored to have worked out a deal with Sprint for EV-DO access. The reader will also come with a headphone jack for audio books but is said to have no back light, instead using a small reading light that can be attached with an adjustable arm.

The Wi-Fi option seems to make this reader a better alternative than some of the competition. We will have to wait until Monday to see if the Kindle launches as expected.

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