YouTube prepares to go high-def

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YouTube has just announced they plan to start offering some video in high-def. YouTube’s goal has always been to make the content available to everyone and that requires lower resolution video to aid in streaming for those with a slower net connection. In order to offer higher resolution videos YouTube will begin using a new player that will be able to determine the net connection of the viewer and give them the appropriate video quality. YouTube expects the higher quality videos to be available in around three months.

As a bonus, YouTube will also be able to offer a lot of the current content in the higher quality also. It turns out that when you upload a video YouTube stores it in the resolution that it was uploaded as, so even though you may currently be seeing an average video quality, the original may be high quality.

Granted, there is a wide variety of content on YouTube, but I cannot imagine the need to view the majority of it in a higher quality. I am just not sure I want or need to see some of those videos with that high of a resolution, but on the other hand the improvement will be welcome.

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