Dragon Bluetooth headset; feel free to roam

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Dragon Bluetooth Headset

The Dragon Bluetooth headset from Callpod will allow you to feel free to roam around, offering up to a 328-foot range you will not have to worry about losing that call when you stray to far from your phone.

In addition to the nice range, the headset also features multi-device pairing allowing you to switch between two devices (such as a mobile phone and computer) with the push of a button, has dual-microphone background noise cancellation, a reversible ear hook that supports the left and right ear, a two-button design for enhanced call control functionality and gets up to 8 hours of talk time with an approximate 300 hours on standby.

The Dragon will pair up with any Bluetooth enabled device including cell phones, PDA’s and computers and also allows for Dragon-to-Dragon headset communication over a 80,000 square foot space.

The Dragon Bluetooth Headset is currently available and retails for $129.95.

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