54% of computer users admit to stealing Wi-Fi

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I always thought most wireless home internet connections would be password protected, but according to a new survey created by Sophos, I stand corrected. They found that 54% of users admit to stealing Wi-Fi, of course they only surveyed about 560 people, so it may not be the most accurate statistic. However its still kind of funny and should give us something to think about.

The president of Sophos, Graham Cluley, said that stealing Wi-Fi may not feel like a crime, but it is and that the Wi-Fi thieves are denying ISP providers a lot of money. So for all you guys and gals out there that don’t have their wireless internet password protected, you may want to consider adding a password. He also mentions that if you use this internet connection to download a large file, you are most likely slowing down their connection. Additionally, stealing Wi-Fi like this is against the law. So what this statistic tells me is that internet prices are too high and people are too lazy to password protect their internet connection. If you still don’t want to pay, you should consider using a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Via [CNET]

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  • Pam Scott

    Add to that results from a new survey, that finds two-thirds of organizations aren't educating users about security threats to mobile devices and data. DOH!,1540,2215391,00.asp