The iRiver Clix Armband Kit for Clix media players

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The iRiver Clix Armband at work

From the company that created the thinnest MP3 player in the world, comes this cool new armband for MP3 players. It consists of a crystal case and a stylish band, which can be cut to specifically match the diameter of your arm. A clip system secures the armband.

This kit is the very latest innovation from iRiver, a leading company in the global portable device market and Microsoft’s strategic partner in the development of their next-generation digital portable player, the PMC.

The iRiver Clix Armband kit has been designed to work with the the latest Clix media players. It is available for shipping as of today for a cost of 16,800 won (about $18 bucks, folks). If you do not live in Korea, then you may not be able to get it, at least for now, although the iRiver Clix MP3 player is available from for a mere $239.99 the armband remains unavailable for those outside of Korea. Currently, there is no information available as to when or if the iRiver Clix Armband kit will be available to the rest of us.

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  • Heather

    Hey, I work for Circuit City (don't flame me!), but I thought you might be interested in a sale (you can’t get in the stores) – check it out:
    There are some deep web-only discounts, and they have a limited supply, so hurry!

    There are going to be daily special deals only on the web starting Sunday. The deals just last through Wednesday, and I know their stock will be limited.

  • Sabrina

    Very nice.

    We have an iRiver PIMP – it is great to store photos when traveling.