Phillips intros a 17-hour talk time phone, the Xenium 9@9

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Phillips Xenium 9@9

First of all, I was unaware that it was cool to name something with an @ symbol. Anyway, Phillips is officially releasing their Xenium 9@9. At first sight, this mobile device is just a simple GPRS/GSM candy-bar design, featuring a VGA camera, a 65K color TFT display, Bluetooth and a microSD slot, you know, the usual. But, its main appeal is its impressive battery life, a whopping stand-by time of 1440 hours (2 months!) and 17 hours of talk time. What kind of witchcraft and black magic did Phillips employ to come up with this amazing battery life? Who knows, but other manufacturers should take a hint, it seems all the phones I’ve had recently die before 5 pm.

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