Nokia shipping N810; duels with iPod touch

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Nokia N810

Flat out: does the N810 have the chops to contend with the latest, trendy iPod touch?

Both have a large touch screen, WiFi, music and video players. But Nokia attempts to outclass the supermodel thin iPod by adding GPS and Bluetooth. The Nokia is thicker, allowing for its 45 hours of music play time.

Navigation and VOIP; are they the iPod touch killers? And don’t forget the N810s ability to access the net via Bluetooth when not around a hotspot. The 810 also features a smartphone-esque slide out keyboard for hacking away at emails or IMs.

Nokia is shipping the N810 today for $479

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  • YP

    Don't forget the much larger screen of the N810 (800×480 instead of 480×320 for the iPod), which makes a big difference for Web browsing.