Write-once memory cards coming from SanDisk?

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SanDisk 1GB SD Storage

SanDisk is considering a write-once memory card that is being designed as long-term storage option. It is rumored that the memory cards will be 1GB in size and retail for $5.99 each. These new cards would be marketed in “food, drug, camera, and convenience stores” and be “less expensive than standard re-writeable memory cards.”

No one can argue that they are less expensive than read/write cards on an individual basis, they just do not seem cheap enough to make them worth the money. Currently you can get a 1GB read/write SD card from SanDisk on Amazon for just $9.99, which means that for just a few dollars more you at least have the option of re-using the card.

Read [Engadget] Via [GearDiary]

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  • andrew Beery

    Considering 1GB SD cards can be purchased from a number of sources on eBay for about $1 and can be re-written its hard to imagine why anyone would want one of these… unless a more compelling case can be made for the durability of the storage… will I be able to find an SD card reader in 100 years… how about 25 years?

  • miko34

    This is a stupid idea and should immediately be put to a halt. It is wasteful. It's the 21st Century and we're finally trying to save the world. This just adds to more landfill problems. Yes, it's small, but I'm sure it comes in plastic packaging.

    Plus, 1GB is not that much anymore. People are buying 8MP cameras and higher now. They are using the highest setting (even though they don't need to) and are filling up cards faster.

    And I agree with the long storage problem. If it does in fact keep for a longer time than the read/write process, we probably won't need it anyway. We will be changing technology to holograms or something of that ilk. People transfer their photos to hard disks now and if they are smart, they have multiple backups.