Gadgetell Hands On: The Laser Edition

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Dragon Laser vs Wicked Laser

I recently had the opportunity to play with not one but two very cool lasers, getting some hands on with an Elite Series laser from Wicked Lasers and a Viper Series laser from Dragon Lasers.

Wicked Laser

Product: Wicked Lasers
Model: Elite Series
Price: $499.99 through $699.99

Dragon Laser

Product: Dragon Laser
Model: Viper Series
Price: $99.99 through $399.99

The Viper series and Elite series are the two models that I had to review play with, however both companies offer lasers starting at at $100 or less.

Aside from playing around and amazing my friends with just how far they will shine, lasers can be very useful. They can be used by astronomers to point out stars, builders or contractors, doctors, spooks and spies, someone lost in a remote location and even to ward off your enemy or an intruder. After all if it was dark and I broke into a house to have a laser hit me in the chest, its safe to say I would turn around and run the way I came.

These were definitely fun to play with, I was able to shoot the laser beam further than I could really see at night and was also very surprised to see how far I was able to shine and still see it during the day. However I do have to admit that I really have no good use for a laser. They were both however very fun for me to play with, I could do things like bounce the beams off glass, mirrors and even pop balloons. One word of caution, the safety glasses are important, if you play with a laser you will want to have them on, these are very bright especially in a small dark room.

Both models that I had for review were a very high quality and seem to be very nicely made and would not hesitate to recommend a purchase from either Wicked Lasers or Dragon Lasers.

Just in case you have found your need to have a laser, whether for a real purpose or just to amaze your friends like I did, Wicked Lasers was kind enough to provide us with a promo code that will give you 10% off, just enter the code “gadgetell” at checkout.

Dragon Laser vs Wicked Laser

Dragon Laser vs Wicked Laser

Dragon Laser vs Wicked Laser

Dragon Laser vs Wicked Laser

Product [Wicked Lasers] Product [Dragon Lasers]

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