The Zeppelin lives again

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From the more than seventy-year-old ashes of the Hindenburg disaster, a new phoenix has risen in Tokyo, Japan, and the world is about to welcome a fresh era in air transportation marked by the first commercial flight of the world’s largest airship.

The Zeppelin NT, built by the German firm, Luftschifftechnik, measures 75 meters (246 feet), which is comparable to that of a jumbo jet, and will transport passengers above Tokyo at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour for 90 exciting helium-filled minutes. Beginning today, flights will be scheduled over weekends and holidays with a special night flight on Christmas Day (count me out) and a sunrise excursion on New Years Day.

The airship has a cabin space, which can accommodate only eight passengers and one attendant (possibly to monitor screaming passengers). There is also a restroom aboard the craft whose steep ascent is powered by three 200 horsepower engines. The airship offers spectacular views of the city at the mere cost of 126,000 yen ($1,158) for daytime flights and 168,0000 yen ($1,543) for night flights.

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